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Gaia Crystals:

  • Adventure begins from level 20.
  • Dion / Giran go to Blacksmitch.
  • Find a Crystal Miner.
  • He can give you few tasks to complete.

  • Collect cristals from Cristals around the world.
  • Change them for special crystals very usable in adventures.
  • Collect Magic Stones.
  • Exchange Magic Stones for Mysterious Stone.
  • Exchange Successs rate is 25%
  • Upgrade Mysterious Stone using Magic Stones.

  • Remember quests are belong to the player.
  • Have to finish quest before make exchange.
  • Magic Stones can be tradable,but remember
  • Selling the Magic Stones will make the quest undone.
  • Always make sure to make it your own.
  • Upgrade Mysterious Stone have few options,
  • Collect Red Stones and exchange them for a Essense.

  • Essense is required as essential for Alchemy.
  • Life Crystal is required by Bishops for Summon Guardian Skill.

  • Quests always belong to the player.

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