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To achieve good results in battles and farm Experience easier you have to use your Character's Skills. In the beginning when you start playing, your character has a very small amount of skills, but the amount and power of the Skills increase exponentially with your Character's level. You can check what skills you have with the Skill Window by pressing ALT+K. Skills can be Active or Passive. The Passive skills affect your Character the whole time while your active Skills can be activated on your command. In the "Learn Skills" window you can check the list of all skills which you can learn now and in the future on bigger levels. When you get to a level on which you can use a new Skill a Scroll icon will appear on your screen. Clicking the Icon will take you to the "Learn Skills" window from where you can learn new skills. Every new Skill learned or upgraded is paid with SP (Skill Points) . Some Skills along with SP require Special books. There are different kinds of skills. The type of your character depends on its class and level. Some skills are: - Toggle skills - Self skills which can be toggled on and off, often consuming MP but sometimes they consume HP as well - Weaken skills - they can be used on your target. The effect of this type of skills can lower the Defense, drain the HP of your target and mushc more. - Item Skills - These are skills received from your equipment. For an instance if you have a hat with a Teleport spell, you will only get the Teleport spell when you equip the Hat. In later stages of the game on higher levels you can enhance your skill with the "Enchant" mechanic.

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