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Gaia Tame Animals:

  • Adventure begins from level 1.
  • Find a Gaia Guardian of Animals.

  • Starting location is a first contact.
  • There should be a nearest Gremlins Field.
    Speak to him,start the quest.
  • To tame a wild animal you must find a proper NPC.
  • Specific NPC can only tame one specific animal.
    To tame a wild animal you must kill specific mob.
  • To obtain Quest Mark - Drop rate is 1/1000.
  • You must hunting it .
  • Speak to Gaia Guardian of Animals.
  • Remember about required items he asked for.
  • If you got the quest item and required additional items

  • He will be able to transform animal life back.
  • Reward is Summoning Scroll.

  • Look for NPCs everywhere around the world.
  • Specific NPC can only tame,a specific type of animal.
  • There is a three specific tiers:
  • Normal
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Pets can leveling up to 80 levels.
  • Catched animals on highers levels have better stats.
  • All tamed pets starts from level 1.

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